• Rejuvenate Energy Membrane
  • Rejuvenate Energy Membrane
  • Rejuvenate Energy Membrane
Rejuvenate Energy Membrane

Rejuvenate Energy Membrane

G.CLO extracts rare elements from rare ores to make it into micro-nano light particle , which will be melted into TPU plastic pellets at a special high-temperature and high-pressure , and finally TPU film . 

Functions of rejuvenating membrane:


1. Functions of far-infrared Ray, increase our body temperature

2. Increase blood oxygen concentration during physical exercise

3. Promote lactic acid metabolism and reduce accumulation after exercise


Acknowledged by U.S. FDA as the technology for medical devices and health products to improve blood health and fatigue and improve body health and wellness.


Rejuvenate membrane function test:

(1) With far-infrared function test

Clinical evaluation from Internation medical center G.CLO showed that the Infrared ray effect will increase our body temperature by 1°C to improve our immunity


Thermal imager



Comparison of 30 minutes ago/later 30 minutes later after wearing, the body energy wave

increases so does the skin temperature


(2) Testing of increasing the blood oxygen concentration

Results – Arm (sensor attachment area) Results


Results – Leg (Sensor attachment area)



Transcutaneous oxygen partial pressure measures the oxygen concentration in the subcutaneous blood vessels as an electrical signal and measures the amount of oxygen in the tissue capillaries. When the blood flow reaching the capillaries is large, the amount of oxygen supplied meets the amount consumed by the tissue, and the oxygen partial pressure reaching the probe is also measured high. When the blood flow reaching the capillaries is small, the oxygen partial pressure decreases Therefore, a small oxygen partial pressure will be measured.

Introducing oxygen into the skin when wearing Ceravida recovery products, increases the oxygen concentration in the blood and helps to increase blood flow.  And as blood circulation becomes smooth, it helps to activate cells and become a healthy body.


(3) Lactic acid detecting




Results :

 (1) Decrease rate after wearing clothes for 30 minutes 

 (2) Decrease rate after 30 minutes rest after exercise

How does lactic acid come and is accumulated?

Glycogen is our body will be decomposed into adenosine triphosphate and lactic acid under anaerobic condition,while due to the body’s ability of lactic acid excreting is limited, which will cause lactic acid accumulation,resulting in  muscle soreness



It was confirmed that the lactic acid concentration decreased by more than 20% when the experimental group was worn compared to the control group. This can help speed up recovery from fatigue.


Importance of blood oxygen

①Physical survival activities require a lot of energy. Oxygen is one of the sources of energy for tissues and cells, so low blood oxygen saturation will affect the energy source of cells.

②Lack of energy will lead to fatigue, slow thinking, reduced attention, reduced resistance and other representative symptoms.

Therefore, when we are tired, we yawn, which is a process in which the body actively inhales more oxygen

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