TPU waterproof and permeable membrane is a new type of polymer material. It is the main material of polyurethane (TPU) and is introduced to hydrophilic base.The surface of the film has no micropores,so it can be protected against wind and water. Because tpu film has a hydrophilic base, it can be permeable through hygroscopic conduction.Often used in clothing fabrics, home textile composite, mountaineering clothing, ski shoes and other fields.
Committed to the development of environmentally friendly materials and finished products and to increase the added value of products, so that the company's products can be sold to the world through the global layout of the company, so as to fulfill its commitment to the environment and fulfill its responsibilities as a global citizen. We manufacture high performance ECO Friendly TPU Membrane used for Textile, Medical, Automotive, etc.
Functional materials dept is a high polymer thermoplastic urethane membrane researcher,developer and producer of advanced materials that inspire innovation.Our on-site research and development center and product testing laboratory enhance new product development and turnaround.

TPU MEMBRANE application
  • TPU Membrane

    TPU film is a new tech of polymer material.Eco-friendly, strong extendability, high cold resistance and good hydrolyzing resistance, but also with waterproofness and good moisture permeability.It is w...

  • GRS & Bluesign TPU Membrane

    We focused on green and eco-materialsfor over 50 years. From material selection to the manufacturing process, every resource can be properly reused and move towards the goal of the economic cycle. We ...

  • Bio-based TPU Membrane

    In January 2012, Taiwan Nanliang Group officially obtained DuPont Tate & Lyle bioproducts from the United States ™ . The company developed susterra, which is renewable from glucose in plants &re...

  • PU Membrane

    Non toxic, harmless and environment-friendly polymer material, soft feel, waterproof and moisture permeable, good temperature resistance...

  • TPEE Membrane

    TPEE is a type of PET. As a type of PET material, The elasticity of rubber material & strength of engineering plastic material, waterproof, high moisture permeability, high-temperature resistance, yel...

  • PU Photoluminescence Membrane

    Also known as "light storage film", it can absorb all kinds of light and heat energy. After storing energy, it can release light energy in the dark. It has the characteristics of softness, good weathe...

  • PU Graphene Membrane

    Graphene is known as the "king of Advanced Materials ". Over a decade of research, it has extraordinary application potential in many fields such as new energy, electronics, textiles, health and so on...

  • Rejuvenate Energy Membrane

    G.CLO extracts rare elements from rare ores to make it into micro-nano light particle , which will be melted into TPU plastic pellets at a special high-temperature and high-pressure , and finally TPU ...

  • Laminate Material

    It is mainly used in inflatable products or high strength laminated products, such as life jackets, waterproof bags, sphygmomanometers, medical bed filling tubes, outdoor air mattresses, medical fixtu...

  • PU Biomass Membrane

    Bio-basedPU film produced by coating process of PU biomass, is a green and environmentally friendly polymer material with good elasticity, soft hand feel, good temperature resistance, high waterproofa...

TPU Membrane - Well Designed and Manufactured to Offer More Benefits - Polyurethane Membrane Manufacturer

  • Environmental friendly.
  • High tension strength.
  • Freezing-resistant to -40c.
  • Light weight.
tpu film feature
  • Highly waterproof
  • Aging-resistant.
  • Even thickness.
  • Excellent for high-frequency & heat welding.
  • Nanxiong Polymer - Thermoplastic Polyurethane Film Factory

    TPU film is a kind of functional film, environmentally friendly, non-toxic, high elasticity, cold resistance, hydrolysis resistance, etc., and has waterproof and moisture permeability. The use of TPU film with a thickness of 0.008~0.025mm has very superior waterproof and moisture permeability. In the textile series, after being laminated with various fabrics, fabrics with good waterproof and moisture permeability can be produced, which can be used in ski suits, jackets, windbreakers, cold-proof suits, jackets, down jackets, etc


Nanliang passed the ISO-9002 appraisal in 1996 and the ISO-9001 appraisal in 2002

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