TPEE /TPE /Polyester membrane

TPEE membrane ,also called TPE membrane or polyester membrane , is a kind of non-porous film with hydrophilic group which can make vapor moisture permeable but protect against water , excellent moisture permeability can make it with low RET value.
Besides , the composite is polyester , when laminated with polyester fabric , there is no need to separate it from lamination fabric , and can be recycled directly , which can meet the concept of mono-material , it can reach GRS standard.
TPEE membrane plays a key role in outdoor garment fabric lamination , while it also widely used to make waterproof mattress protector ,waterproof pillow , furniture cover , waterproof sofa cushion etc.

Physical Properties table

Physical Properties/Test Method
Product Name Thickness(mm) Width(m) W.P.R(mmH2O) 透湿度M.V.P(g/㎡/day) 透湿度M.V.P(g/㎡/day) 透湿度M.V.P(g/㎡/day)
Description Article # Color ASTM D1777 JIS L 1092 B  ASTM E96 BW 2000 JIS L 1099 B-1 JIS L 1099 A-1
Low breathable TPEE membrane TPL-4000S Transparent 0.015mm-0.04mm 1.55-2.4m >10000 - - >800
TPL-4000WS White 0.015mm-0.04mm 1.55-2.4m >10000 - - >800
Medium breathable TPEE membrane TPM-4002S Transparent 0.015mm-0.02mm 1.55-2.4m >10000 >3500 >60000 >3000
TPM-4002S White 0.015mm-0.02mm 1.55-2.4m >10000 >3000 >50000 >2500
High breathable TPEE membrane TPH-4001S Transparent 0.015mm-0.02mm 1.55-2.4m >10000 >5500 >120000 >4000
TPH-4001WS White 0.015mm-0.02mm 1.55-2.4m >10000 >5000 >100000 >3500

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Do You Have Any Question?

Do You Have Any Question? Do You Have Any Question?

Industry Knowledge

Is TPU Membrane porous or not ?

TPU membrane, abbreviation of thermoplastic polyurethane membrane , belongs to non-porous hydrophilic film. Since the membrane itself has no pores, it is naturally waterproof, and also makes the laminated fabric windproof and warm.

what is melting temperature of TPU?

TPU , short of thermoplastic polyurethane , is a kind of new eco-friendly material , one of the most important property is its wide range of temperature resistance , its melting point can reach 160-170, which made it very easy to process and excellent for high-frequency & heat welding .

The difference between TPU membrane and PTFE membrane ?

TPU film is a film made of thermoplastic polyurethane through calendaring , casting, film blowing, coating and other processes. It is a non-porous hydrophilic film with excellent waterproof and moisture permeability properties.

PTFE film is a porous film made by extruding polytetrafluoroethylene rods and strips, and calendering semi-finished products into thin films, stretching and heat setting at a temperature below the melting point , flexible and elastic micro-porous material with high porosity, uniform pore size distribution, and air-permeable and impermeable properties .

How can TPU film be waterproof and moisture-permeable?

TPU film is a non-porous membrane, its moisture permeability is mainly realized by the hydrophilic group of the membrane itself. Depending on the difference in vapor pressure inside and outside the clothes, the steam is transferred from a place with high pressure to a place with low pressure, thus realizing moisture permeability。

What is the difference between air permeability and moisture permeability ?

Air permeability and moisture permeability are two completely different concepts.

Air permeability refers to the porous membrane, which allows moisture to be discharged from the body by its own tiny pore size, so as to keep the body dry.

Water-vapour transmission refers to the non-porous hydrophilic membrane. The membrane itself contains hydrophilic groups, through which the water vapor can penetrate to the cloth surface to play out, thus keeping the human body dry.

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