1. 1972~1985
  2. 1989~2000
  3. 2001~2010
  4. 2020~2022
      1. 1972~1985

            • 1972

              NAM LIONG enterprise., Co, Ltd was established; focusing on functional materials and textiles for shoes, bags, garments, sport, outdoor&medical equipments, PPE..etc.

            • 1979

              Tiong Liong Industrial Co., Ltd was set up;focusing onknitted fabric, dyeing and finishing, hi-tech special lamination and coating.

            • 1985

              Established a branch in the United States to get closer to North American customers.

      2. 1989~2000

            • 1989

              Enter the Chinese market and set up the first factory in Guangzhou. In the same year, Prolink Microsystems Corporation was built up.

            • 1999

              Greenchem International was founded,focusing onspecial& functional chemical products.

            • 2000

              Prolink Microsystems Corporation, publicly issued and listed on the OTC in Taiwan (stock code: 5450).

      3. 2001~2010

            • 2001

              Established a production base in Vietnam in 2001.

            • 2004

              Jiaxing Nanxiong Polymer Co., Ltd., was founded,Special materials Department main business: TPU film Special textile main: Kevlar, wear-resistant cloth, anti-cutting cloth

            • 2010

              NAM LIONG GROUP officially started its businesses in organic pollution-free agriculture and the healthy food industry. Integrating the resources from the government and the world, NAM LIONG GROUP developed an industrialized modern agriculture with technology. NAM LIONG GROUP established a green industry based on its core values.

      4. 2020~2022

            • 2020

              Prolink Microsystems Corporation was approved by the shareholders meeting to have its name changed and was approved by the competent authority on the 13th of July, 2020 as " Nam Liong Global Corporation".


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