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What are the 9 main features of TPU film

1, wear resistance and abrasion resistance more than 5 times higher than natural rubber, is one of the materials of choice for wear-resistant products.

2, tensile properties up to 70 MPa, tensile strength up to 800% elongation at break.

3, TPU film material tearing performance with high tear resistance, tear strength better than commonly used rubber and plastic.

4, TPU products can maintain excellent resistance to abrasion in different environments, is one of the polymer materials;

5, hydrolysis-resistant TPU has good water resistance under turbidity, 1 to 2 years will not affect the development, hydrolysis significantly. Polyester series products can be completely hydrolyzed by immersion in water at 50 degrees for six months, or at 70 degrees for 3 weeks, or at 100 degrees for 3 to 4 days, which is one of the reasons why TPU film is suitable for making some environmentally friendly building materials.

6, high temperature resistance, oxidation resistance, TPU film has good oxidation resistance, generally polyester series up to 130 degrees Celsius, polyether series up to 90 degrees Celsius.

7, oil-resistant TPU is a polar polymer material, and non-polar mineral oil affinity is small, in fuel and motor oil is almost not corroded;.

8, TPU film with low temperature performance has excellent low temperature resistance and is a good substitute for polyvinyl chloride.

9, TPU film is easy to high-frequency or hot-press welding, so we are widely used in inflatable products. General polyester series products have better air tightness than polyether series activities;.

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