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What are the 4 properties of TPU film

TPU film manufacturing industry used more materials, because it has special properties and advantages, manufacturers also love to use this material in production, what are the 4 properties of TPU film?

1, TPU film friction resistance TPU film is formed by extrusion, extrusion using thermoplastic elastomer polyurethane particles, thermoplastic elastomer polyurethane particles in the extrusion will generate heat, the degree of wear resistance of the material can be used to assess the wear and tear of the product and the application of high temperature environment important criteria.

2, TPU film hydrolysis resistance polyether type TPU film hydrolysis resistance for long-term use will not break down, so the shoes we wear on rainy days will not be decomposed because they encounter rain, thanks to its hydrolysis resistance.

3, TPU film antibacterial and anti-mildew properties of general materials are easy to the harsh environment will produce mold or bacteria, and antibacterial and anti-mildew TPU film can adapt to this environment, so it has the characteristics of anti-aging, long life.

4, TPU film tear resistance TPU film tear resistance is the strength of resistance to notch tensile tear. TPU film in the material lateral physical properties have the role of tear resistance, notch tear strength, notch angle is different, the film tear standards are different. The above is the introduction of the 4 properties of TPU film. If you want to know more please consult us.

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