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TPU film manufacturers: TPU material details

TPU material is strongly welcomed by the market because of its performance and environmental protection, and there are almost all the places where PVC can be used are replaced by TPU, because the performance of PVC TPU have, and better, and the use of a wider range, so PVC can only look out of reach.

TPU film / sheet Tpu film is widely used in sports shoes: soles, uppers, airbags, air cushions, oil bags and other brand decoration. At present, there are two main trends in the application of tpu film on sports shoes: one is the popularity of Nike shoes, i.e. tpu film is first screen printed and colored, then high circumference molding and bonding on the upper for decoration to achieve a special decorative effect. The second is the use of waterproof and moisture permeable tpu film with cloth shoes, to achieve the effect of waterproof and moisture permeable.

TPU grain thermoplastic TPU elastomer, is made of MDI containing NCO functional group and POLYOL containing OH functional group, 1.4BG, by extrusion mixing, due to the lack of good elasticity, good physical properties, various engineering mechanical design strength are excellent, therefore, widely used in the target injection, extrusion, calendering and dissolution into solution type resin processing production methods, for plastic enterprises processing information operators can The plastic company material that is often used is made into a product that covers the range of industrial technology applications and the necessities of life.

In recent years, the use of thermoplastic PU elastomers has continued to increase due to the continuous development of new products, creating new opportunities for the plastic processing information industry with low cost and high added service value.

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