2024-01-08 15:37:36

PES membrane to meet the trend of mono material concept

PES membrane , also short of polyester membrane , is also called TPE membrane or TPEE membrane ,PBT membrane .
It is a kind of polyester film , with good extensibility , good abrasion , high MVTR (moisture permeability) , and low RET ,  good water column after washing for durable performances , with good temperature resistance , anti-aging and anti-yellowing . So it is widely used for garment and home textile fabric lamination . 
And with the trend of mono material concept , PES membrane is really a good choice to laminate with polyester fabric to make a new kind of fabric with various performances , but also can be recycled directly instead of being sorted , separated to film and fabric , which can achieve the goal of recycling and reuse, material classification must be carried out in the latter stage of recycling. 
The monomer, which was de-polymerized from polyester, was applied to further process to polymerize TPEE which is named as rTPEE. 
And PET bottles will be comminuted to get R-PET ,which will be added to TPEE particles to get R-TPEE , it maintains the good performances and also can reduce plastic & reliance on fossil fuels , so can reach GRS standard . 
With the request of environment protection , more and more countries will choose a more green and sustainable material , PES (TPEE , TPE ,PBT )membrane is really a good choice . 

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