Jul 11,2022

How to choose a good TPU coated fabric manufacturer

What is TPU fabric?

TPU is like the most pliable fabric found in nature. It is a very tough fabric that stands up to wear and tear. It is a high-tech marine safety fabric. Its polyester fibers reinforce areas susceptible to harsh weather, providing extra strength to keep everything in place.

TPU Coated Fabric Manufacturer

TPU Coated Tarpaulin Construction.

TPU coated tarpaulin

Advantages of TPU coated fabric

1) Anti-bacterial and non-toxic

2) Super sealing for medical oxygen bag, blood pressure cuff, medical anti-decubitus mattress

3) High tensile strength and tear strength

4) Completely waterproof

5) Easy to weld, TPU coated fabric and TPU laminated fabric are easy to weld by high frequency machine, hot machine, hot air blower, even can be welded by iron and PE bag sealing machine.

6) Excellent low temperature flexibility, can be doubled at -55℃ without cracking.

7) Environmentally friendly and biodegradable, it can be decomposed by microorganisms within 3-5 years after burial.

8) Soft and smooth handfeel

TPU fabric

TPU coated polyester material applications.

Anti-decubitus mattress, medical massage bed, oxygen bag, blood pressure cuff, tourniquet, life jacket, diving suit, waterproof bag, outdoor backpack, map bag, iPad case, cell phone case, basin, bucket, water bladder, dry bag, storage bag, inflatable tent, airbag, inflatable helium remote control blimp, hot air balloon, etc.

How to choose a good TPU coated fabric supplier?

1. Experience is most important: for a new factory, it is difficult to give a good solution in raw material composition to meet the customer's requirements

2. Professional production team and R&D department, which is good for exploring new product composition to meet special requirements

3. good export experience to facilitate the communication of technical specifications.

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