Aug 18,2022

Flame retardants for leather products

As a material with excellent performance, leather is widely used in various fields. However, due to the large amount of flammable plasticizers added to some artificial leather and synthetic leather, and the basic and some fillers used in synthetic leather products are flammable, the flame retardancy of the synthetic leather products used has also become very important. .

So what is the flame retardant mechanism for some leather products? Let's take a look at the combustion process of polymers. Generally, the polymer is depolymerized and cracked by thermal decomposition, resulting in gaseous or volatile low-molecular-weight combustibles. If the oxygen and temperature are suitable, combustion will occur, and the heat released by combustion will promote polymerization. The decomposition of matter forms a cyclic process. Therefore, the mechanism of action of flame retardants in leather products is as follows:

①The decomposition of flame retardants in leather products produces heavier non-flammable gases or high-boiling liquids, which cover the plastic surface.

②The decomposition of flame retardants in leather products promotes rapid dehydration and carbonization of the plastic surface, preventing the mutual diffusion of oxygen and combustibles.

③ The thermal decomposition or sublimation of the flame retardant of leather products absorbs a lot of heat and reduces the surface temperature of the plastic, such as aluminum hydroxide, magnesium hydroxide, etc.

④The flame retardant of leather products produces a large amount of incombustible gas, which dilutes the concentration of combustible gas and oxygen.

⑤ The flame retardant of leather products captures active free radicals and interrupts the chain oxidation reaction.

The commonly used flame retardants for leather products are:

①Halogen flame retardant

② Phosphorus flame retardant

③Aluminum hydroxide or hydrated alumina

④ Antimony trioxide

⑤Zinc borate

⑥ Nitrogen flame retardant

⑦Smoke suppressant

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