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Application of TPU film in multiple industries

TPU film is an environmentally friendly film. Due to the large differences in the types and proportions of ingredients contained in it, it exists in various forms on the market and can be applied in many industries. In order to encourage more people to better understand TPU, the various forms and application questions of TPU will be answered below.

Several forms and applications of TPU film 1. Shoe material. TPU material shoes, its elasticity, wear resistance and other properties have been well improved. At the same time, shoe products containing TPU materials are much better in texture and comfort after wearing than shoes made of other materials. 2. TPU film. In life, as long as it can be applied to PVC, it can be replaced by TPU. The TPU film can be bonded to various types of fabrics, and its outline is clearer and the size is more accurate, and the produced products can better meet the standards. With my country's continuous emphasis on environmental protection, more and more TPU are applied to thermal underwear, transparent underwear and other industries. 3. TPU adhesive. TPU adhesive is one of many polyurethane adhesives, especially in shoe adhesives, it is widely used.

In my country, TPU adhesives are mainly used in Guangdong, Fujian, Zhejiang and other regions. 4. TPU hose. When making a hose, adding appropriate TPU to its material can greatly improve the flexibility and tensile strength of the hose. At the same time, it can also improve the high and low temperature resistance of the hose, so that it can be better used in the development of mechanical equipment. In addition, appropriate TPU can also be added to the outer sheath material of the wire. Its own tear resistance and wear resistance can better improve the durability of the wire and reduce the damage of the wire in daily use. degree of wear and tear, extending the life of the wire.

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