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Nanliang International donated 700 sets of "biomass environmental protection antibacterial protective clothing" to help grassroots epidemic prevention

Biomass environmental protection antibacterial protective clothing development helps grassroots epidemic prevention

Following the approval of the "Manufacturing Relief and Revitalization Guidance Measures" by the Executive Yuan, the industry is encouraged to deepen local research and development and invest in anti-epidemic technology. Nanliang International Anti-epidemic Target proposed the "Biomass Environmental Protection Medical Protective Textile Development Plan" to receive subsidies. In view of the severe pneumonia epidemic on Taiwan's main island in 2021, Nanliang International Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Nanliang International), feeling the hard work and risks of grassroots epidemic prevention personnel, donated 700 sets of "Health Products" under the cooperation of Tainan City Councilor Xu Youren. "High-quality and environmentally friendly antibacterial protective clothing" is provided to the Quy Nhon Branch of the Police Station and the district offices of Rende, Quy Nhon, Guanmiao, and Longqi to provide protection for front-line epidemic prevention personnel. At 10:00 am on June 18th, a donation ceremony was held at the outdoor square of the Guiren Aesthetics Museum. Nanliang International was represented by General Manager Zhang Shunqing, and District Director Wei Wengui of Guiren District represented the four administrative districts of Xinfeng District. Hong Dingli, the director of the branch, received the gift on behalf of.

Nanliang International fulfills its social responsibilities in "environmental protection", "public welfare" and "green"

The green sustainability of Nanliang International materials is our goal. Zhang Shunqing, general manager of Nanliang International, together with the company's R&D team, said on the same day that the specially designed and developed bio-environmental antibacterial protective clothing is a disposable single-use product. The research and development is subsidized by the science and technology project of the Ministry of Economic Affairs, and the research and development data reaches P2 level or above, and it is more breathable than commercially available protective clothing and is not easy to tear. General Manager Zhang said that Nanliang International hopes to help grass-roots epidemic prevention personnel to have better protection and fulfill corporate social responsibility.

Dr. Chen Junyan, representative of Nanliang International R&D team, said

From the perspective of sustainable development and circular economy or protecting the earth's resources, reducing the use of petrochemical raw materials and returning to replacing some petrochemical products with alternative sources/biomass sources is a necessary direction for future industrial development. Nanliang International uses the Susterra® biotechnology of DuPont Tate & Lyle Bio Products™ to develop a product that is applied to TPU film and TPU waterproof and breathable lamination, which is the main raw material of this bio-based protective clothing.
Disposable medical protective clothing is mostly non-woven

Most of them are SMS three-layer structures, and in order to strengthen the anti-blood and virus leakage functions, they all need to be coated or laminated with a layer of film (the main material is PE), but the poor air permeability of PE cannot make medical staff grow. Time to wear, so Nanliang International conceived to use "Bio-Waterproof and Moisture-permeable TPU Film" to improve wearing comfort.

The batch of protective clothing donated by Nanliang Group just solved the protection needs of epidemic prevention personnel

City Councilor Xu Youren said that since the pneumonia epidemic has been raised to the national level 3 alert, grass-roots epidemic prevention personnel are engaged in epidemic investigation, epidemic prevention publicity, and footprint clearance, which are very hard and bear the risk of infection. Recently, dengue fever and Japanese encephalitis outbreaks have occurred again, and we must also pay attention to protection when engaging in epidemic investigation and environmental cleanup. He learned that Nanliang Group is developing bio-environmental antibacterial protective clothing recently, and he introduced Nanliang International to provide 700 sets of bio-environmental antibacterial protective clothing for use by epidemic prevention personnel and grass-roots police in various districts of Xinfeng District. The Tainan area has begun to administer public-funded vaccines, and the wards, government offices and police officers who assist in the administration also need protection. The protective clothing donated by Nanliang Group just meets the protection needs of epidemic prevention personnel

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