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    Using high-tech, pure natural regenerated cellulose fiber,

    Textile Bedding Department

    Since its establishment, it has been adhering to the parent company Nanliang Group’s business tenet of "respect for life and care for the environment", and continue to refine Xin develops and launches various functional beddings (beddings) that are green, environmentally friendly, and natural. "Practitioners of life" as the goal, looking forward to becoming a new star in the industry.

    Focus on quality products, fashionable design elements, high-end consumer groups

    Using high-tech, pure natural regenerated cellulose fiber,

    We custom design & manufacturing textile beddings. We use functional beddings material such as Germanium Fibers, Micax(Cooling yarn), Corn-based polyols TPU, Heating yarn.

    Discuss with customers, research and develop, produce products that the market needs


Germanium Fibers
Germanium Fibers

Germanium Fibers Source: A popular product in Japan Features: Relieves Fatigue,Boosts Immune System, Far-Infrared, Anti-Static, Anit-Odor Applications: Bed,Blanket, Pillow Covers, Hug Pillows, Scarfs, Apparel

Germanium Fibers
Water Resistant Series

Dupont TPU Laminates Source: Corn-based polyols TPU, is eco-friendly and leaves a smaller impact on the environment. Features: Water Resistant, Breathable,Anti-Dust Mite Applications: Mattress Covers, Pillow Covers, Mat Covers,Cushions Covers, Infant Products

Germanium Fibers
Cooling Series

Micax from Mica minerals (Cooling yarn) Source: Mica are made of very thin silicate plates. Some of its physical properties are “hydrophilic, heat conductive “, which makes it great applicant for summer products. Features: Jacquard, long lasting cooling, soft and smooth, cool but not cold, easy to wash. Applications: Cooling Mats, Pillow Mats, Cushions, Bed Covers

Germanium Fibers
Heat Warming Series

Winter Sun ™ (Heating yarn) Source: Winter Sun™ uses a variety of nano-grade materials into its’ Polyester, Nylon, or Viscose, to create a multi-functional yarn which is temperature regulating, super absorbent and warming features.Features: Heat Preserving, Anti-Bacterial, Great Hand-feel, temperature regulating, UV resistant Applications: Bed, Blanket, Pillow Covers, Hug Pillows, Scarfs, Base Layers and Apparel


Cooling Bedding

The best cooling bedding is machine washable and designed to regulate your body temperature,made of breathable materials to cool your body during sleep. OEM/ODM Functional Beddings and materials direct from us.

360° Bedclothes
360° Bedclothes
360° full wrapping security

·Specifications: 180*200*35cm (according to customer requirements)

·Process: high skirt + full wrap design

·Material: Polyester, Tencel, Polyester/Features: Fully wrapped, waterproof and anti-mite

·Advantages: The fully wrapped design can fit closely with the mattress, beautiful and clean
Guardian of the Mattress

·Specifications: 180*200/35cm (according to customer requirements)

·Process: skirt + elastic band design effectively prevents displacement

·Material: Polyester fiber, Tencel, Polyester/Features: Antibacterial, mildew proof, moisture absorption

·Advantages: exquisite workmanship, green materials
Cloth reflects
Cloth reflects
Pillowcases are full of sweet dreams

·Specifications: 74*48 (according to customer requirements)

·Craft: Envelope design, fine stitching, smooth wiring/Material: polyester, cotton, air layer

·Features: moisture absorption and breathability, anti-bacterial and anti-mite

·Advantages: Material and size can be customized according to customer requirements
sleep tight!

·Specifications: 150/180*200cm (according to customer requirements)

·Craftsmanship: Double thread quilting is stronger, edge with edging cord is beautiful and durable

·Material: polyester, cotton

·Features: skin-friendly and soft, multiple options/advantages: green printing and dyeing, high color fastness
Feel the temperature of the four seasons

·Specifications: 180*210cm (according to customer requirements)

·Process: jacquard fabric is simple and elegant, and the new quilting process is more durable

·Material: polyester fiber

·Features: heat storage, heat preservation, antibacterial and anti-mite
Cool quilt
Cool quilt
Feel free to stay at home, summer cool is the time

·Specifications: 180*200cm (according to customer requirements)

·Process: overall quilting/Material: cool cloth + polyester fiber

·Features: Light and soft, cool and breathable

·Advantages: The whole fiber is filled, the thickness is uniform, and it is not easy to knot.
Dry the pillowcase
Dry the pillowcase
Soft and silky to embrace all summer
·Specifications: 74*48cm (according to customer requirements)
·Process: Exquisite seaming, even and fine stitches/Material: cool cloth
·Features: Moisture wicking, antistatic
·Advantages: Wear-resistant and durable, machine washable.
Cool cushion
Cool cushion
Comfortable and cool, say goodbye to the heat
· Specifications: 90/120/150/180*200cm (according to customer requirements).
· Process: wide edging process + non-slip elastic bandage.
· Material: Cool composite fabric
· Features: Cool but not ice, 3D breathable.
· Advantages: Soft and skin-friendly, no indentation, smooth fit.


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