• Functional Material Dept

    One important marketing department with more than 60 staff. Professional andindependent production of various high polymer functional membranes. With advancedequipment,professional production technology,mature R & D team, and excellentservice and quality,our products are sold in Chinese mainland,Japan,Korea, Russia,Southeast Asia, Europe and America.


    Special fibers or auxiliaries combined with textile materials or polymer foaming technology are used in personal safety or work safety protection to provide the human body with due protection. Involving home and personal safety protection related products industry, automobile and transportation tool interior materials industry. Material application range: wetsuit,surfing suit,life jacket,medical protective gear,shoes,bag,customized Velcro tape,processing straps and functional semi-finished products,wear-resistant cloth,cut-resistant cloth,anti-slip cloth,reflective cloth,Flame retardant cloth,Industrial safety protective materials.

  • Textile Bedding Department

    We provide OEM services, for bedding products and we also have the advantage of manufacturing our own fabrics. Whether its summer or winter, our products provide a good nights sleep.

    Feature of Product:

    From yarn to fabric to final product, we watch over every step to provide functional, green, environment friendly products.

    Product Item:

    Bed Covers, Duvets, Blankets, Pillow Covers, Protectors, and other bedding products.


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